Our Wines

Our assortment of red, white, and rosé wines are sure to make you smile.

We have 14 wines on our list that we have carefully hand-selected for you.

Come in, have a glass, a flight, or purchase a bottle.

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White Wines

This wine elicits delicate aromas such as Beurre Bosc pears, apricots, honeysuckle, chamomile, and daisies. It has a light body and forgiving texture with a zesty end. Best served as an aperitif, or with Portobello mushrooms, spaghetti marinara, and oysters.

Dry Riesling
This Riesling releases classic aromas of honeysuckle, Valencia Orange, orange blossom, lemon pie, and white flowers. It’s body is light, fresh, and elegant. Best served with pasta salad, white fish, and oysters.

Sauvignon Blanc
This Sauvignon Blanc releases fresh aromas such as passionfruit, nectarine, guava, and white flowers. It has a soft body and a zesty lingering finish. Best served with creamy cheeses, fish tacos, seafood or simply as aperitif.

Summertime Pinot – Pinot Grigio
The Pinot Grigio elicits fresh aromas such as nectarines, apricots, Gala apples, pears, Crème Brûlée, and almonds. It has a light body, and a floral whiff lingers to the end. Best served with seafood, chicken salad or simply as aperitif.

This lovely Chardonnay is a beautiful dry wine with a balance of fruit and acidity. With aromas of nectarine, peaches, apricots, creme brûlée, this white wine will surely delight the senses.

Dark Corner White
Take one of the world’s most popular wines and age it in bourbon barrels. The resulting white wine has the aromas of tree-fruits with subtle notes of caramel and vanilla. Perfect with chicken or fish.

Red Wines

Radiance Red – Blend
This Classic French-style blend shows a very generous abundance of aromas; black currant, plums, marzipan, butterscotch, almonds, and licorice. It is best served with steaks, roasted and cured meats.

Pinot Noir Reserve
This lovely red wine is a rich and fruity with lush flavors of cherry, tea, vanilla, and raspberry. This luxuriant wine pairs beautifully with duck, chicken, and mushroom risotto.

Nebbiolo Reserve
This astonishing Northern Italian-styled wine elicits intense aromas such as black cherries, escorted by fresh roses, aniseed cake, and earthy after tones. It has a medium body and robust chalky tannins.

Dark Corner Red
This rich and full-bodied red wine has been aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. The resulting wine is flavorful with tastes of berry jam and plums enhanced with notes of caramel and vanilla.

Merlot Reserve
This Merlot has a plethora of fruity aromas ranging from plums, cherries, wild berries, prunes, and figs. It has a medium body and velvety tannins. Best served with grilled chicken dishes, Indian curries, and cured meats.

Montepulciano Reserve
This traditional Italian variety releases aromas such as figs, cherry liqueur, mocha, and mineral hints. It has a medium body and powdery tannins. Best served with Italian food.

Cabernet Franc – Yakima Valley, WA
This Cabernet Franc releases intense aromas such as raspberries, black pepper, white pepper, forest floor, and truffles.

Cabernet Franc – Caiaveras, CA (Bottle Only)
This Cabernet Franc shows plenty of character, strong plums and rhubarb notes give way to cigar and exotic cured meats. A vibrant body and silky tannins.

Rosé Wines

Dry Rosé
This Rosé shows an eclectic assortment of aromas, wave after wave, white flowers, passionfruit, guava, lychee, honeysuckle, white peach, and pawpaw. It has a zesty spine and elegant rose petal tones.

Sweet & Racy Rosé
This Sweet and Racy Rosé is an amazing compliment to a warm summer afternoon. The aromas of fruit will carry you with waves of passionfruit, guava, peaches, and berries. The gentle lingering finish will give you floral notes of white flowers and honeysuckle.

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